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Currently in Coeur D Alene, ID: 21 °F and Flurries
2/23/2018 Forecast: High: 28 F Low: 20 F Cold with a little snow
2/24/2018 Forecast: High: 34 F Low: 23 F A.M. snow; cloudy and chilly


Feb 23 2018Spokesman-ReviewHomeless veterans could get a new home in Idaho
Feb 23 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineOffshore Bully: Sailfish by Suprise - A winter trip off Pompano Pier gave Kwanza Henderson quite the surprise.
Feb 23 2018Spokesman-ReviewAnalysis of outdoor recreation industry finds it’s larger than oil, gas and mining
Feb 22 2018Spokesman-ReviewLong-distance hiking workshop upcoming
Feb 22 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineLooking Forward to the Wilderness and Canoe Symposium - "It's an opportunity to learn and get inspired," says volunteer organizer Aleks Gusev
Feb 22 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineTepui Tents Roadtrip Giveaway - 10 Lucky Winners Get Up to $4,000 and Tepui Gear for a Getaway
Feb 22 2018Spokesman-ReviewBreast milk shortage affects life’s most vulnerable babies
Feb 22 2018Spokesman-ReviewNear centenarian wades into a fly fishing course with Spokane Fly Fishers
Feb 21 2018Spokesman-ReviewJeep in hot water over ad showing SUV romping through river
Feb 21 2018Spokesman-ReviewTeen charged in Eagle Creek fire apologizes in court
Feb 21 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineRemembering Sam Grafton - The Pacific Northwest paddling community gathers to mourn the loss of one its best and brightest
Feb 21 2018Spokesman-ReviewAlan Liere’s fishing-hunting report for Feb. 22
Feb 21 2018Spokesman-ReviewGetting the zinc out: Major cleanup project will improve health of the Coeur d’Alene River
Feb 20 2018Spokesman-ReviewIdaho lawmaker not sorry for yelling ‘abortion is murder’
Feb 19 2018Spokesman-ReviewIdaho senator yells at students lobbying for birth control
Feb 19 2018Spokesman-ReviewU.S. scientists try crowdsourcing to stop invasive mussels
Feb 16 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineAcross Lake Malawi - Dispatch No. 1, three weeks into Ross Exler's solo expedition to cross all of Africa's Great Lakes, unsupported entirely under human power
Feb 15 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineMeet the Veteran Paddling 2,000 Miles for Suicide Prevention Awareness - Joseph Mullin's 'One Man, One Mission To Save Thousands Expedition' down the East Coast
Feb 14 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineShop Stop: Aqua Adventures Kayaks & Paddleboards - Veteran and entrepreneur Craig Seering on his plans to turn his paddling shop into a San Diego community hub
Feb 14 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineExtreme Kayak Tournament: Leg 1 Results Announced - Anglers deal with 3-5ft seas as they chase the bite off Pompano Beach, Fl.
Feb 12 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineDifferent Strokes: Expedition Canoeing - Part Two: Efficiency in camp and on the move
Feb 12 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineFinding Time: A wild and empty journey to the Arctic Ocean - Three paddlers venture beyond the Brooks Range through America’s largest single tract of public land: Northwest Alaska's National Petroleum
Feb 02 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineJourney to Chiribiquete, Sistine Chapel of the Amazon - Thousands of years ago, indigenous people painted mythic stories on the stone escarpments of Chiribiquete, deep in the Colombian Amazon. In Nove
Feb 01 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineCold Weather Gear To Keep You Fishing - This roundup of gear is suited well for staying warm in cold weather fishing.
Jan 29 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineField Tested: Five Whitewater Canoe Paddles - C&K's editors put five canoe paddles to the test for in-depth video reviews
Jan 29 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineDestination: Remote Canoeing in Ontario’s Crown Land - Pristine paddling between the parks, Crown Land offers royal adventure via logging roads
Jan 27 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineCliff Jacobson: Camping Secrets - Wilderness Canoe guru, Cliff Jacobson, highlights essential camping skills and knots in his presentation at Canoecopia.
Jan 27 2018Canoe & Kayak Magazine5 Tips for Flying with Your Kayak - A guide to getting on the plane with your whitewater kayak
Jan 25 2018Canoe & Kayak MagazineMilk River Majesty - A father and son discover that paddling in southern Alberta is full of surprises
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